Samstag, 6. Oktober 2018

The Museum of London 2018

Pictures from my visit to the "Museum of London". What a great museum, everyone who's interested in the history of London should go there. I really loved it. It's great for kids too.
But I mainly visited it because of the "Pleasure Gardens" exhibiton.

Pleasure Gardens:





 From other galleries:









 Love, AvA

Dienstag, 25. September 2018

Pune die Zweite

Noch ein Shirt für den Alltag und Büro :) Genäht nach diesem Schnitt: "Pune" von Schnittbox. Wieder aus demselben Viskose-Jersey wie beim ersten Shirt. Diesmal hab ich den Saum etweas begradigt und anstatt eines Stoffstreifens eine zarte, elastische Spitzenbordüre verwendent.
Another casual shirt I can wear to the office :) I used this pattern: "Pune" from Schnittbox. 
I made it from the same viscose-jersey I used for my first Shirt. This time I removed the curve at the front of the hem and used an elastic lace instead of a contrasting fabric.

Love, AvA

Freitag, 14. September 2018

Erica's designs - 1950s Dream Dresses

Sometime in the '50s, a talented lady named Erica brought these beautiful dress designs on paper and I was lucky enough to discover them in an antique shop in Vienna. I bought a stack of antique sewing magazines and eloquently coaxed the seller to give me the sketches too (what's the last price ...). Unfortunately, I couldn't find out anything about Erica.

Love, AvA