Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017

Link Collection II - Links to Interesting Articles about Historical Fashion

20 free Fashion Books to download from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The 19th Century Dresses come out for their close ups

Scavenging for fashion - archive, 1971

Ungewöhnlicher Fund: Eine Arbeitsjacke von 1768 (Working Jacket from 1768)

Inside the biggest Dior Fashion Exhibition ever staged in Paris

Over 83500 Vintage Sewing Patterns are now available online

150 Years of Resort Fashion - 360° Virtual Tour

Extraordinary Acquisitons  from the Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection

V&A - Revealing the hidden interior of iconic garments from Cristóbal Balenciaga

V&A - X-raying the Fashion Collection

Flappers didn't really wear Fringed Dresses

Fashion and the Russian Revolution: How Sackcloth replaced Lace

Unbedingt solltet ihr noch Timothy Long folgen. Er ist Mode-Kurator im Museum of London. Ihr könnt ihm auf Twitter @Fashion_Curator oder auf Instagram @timothylongfashioncurator folgen.
Er posted immer wunderbare Videos über die Modesammlung.
Special shoutout to Timothy Long Fashion Curator at the Museum of London.
Follow him on Twitter @Fashion_Curator and
on Instagram @timothylongfashioncurator
He always shares wonderful videos about the fashion collection! htp:/

Love, AvA

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